I just completed a 10 day fast on Snake Juice (Salt Water) and lost a gross weight of 24 lbs!…Zero exercise!

Starting weight fed: 185.4 lbs
24 hrs fasted weight: 178.4 lbs
10 days fasted weight: 161.4 lbs
Starting body fat %: 12 approx. (Last dexa scan result was 11.6% @ approx 178 lbs)
Current Body fat %: Results coming soon!

If I can find the will power to cut this hard to the point of true starvation, you fat people can fast for a fucking year on snake juice! Stop fucking eating fatty!


September 5th, 2018

I started this fast on Monday August 20th at approximately 1 A.M. At this point my weight was well over 200 lbs. I had a DEXA scan done Monday after noon where I weighed 203 lbs. The starting pictures were taken Monday night where I weight 200 lbs. I fasted for 10 days on Snake Juice a completed low intensity weight training for most of those days. I then decided to begin a 5 day hard dry fast. After 15 days of fasting I weighed in tonight September 4th at 165.8 lbs. We will have a video made show the whole transformation after the second DEXA scan is complete. I hope this motivates fat people to stop fucking eating! You’re not going to die fatty!


June 16th, 2018

This is what losing that absolute last 30 lbs looks like!..Remember the fatter you are the less contrast a large amount of fat loss is going to have! A 500 pound person that loses 30 lbs will hardly even notice it…Do not fucking complain about it & keep fasting fatty!
If you started at 500 lbs and have lost even 200 lbs that is a good start, but you are still a fat ass! Do not stop pushing the aggressively long fasts until you are ripped to the fucking bone fatty! The excess fat on your body is toxic as fuck! You will never be detoxified until you are LEAN & CLEAN!


December 31st, 2018

Snake Diet Coach: Cole Robinson
Age 41
Height 5’6.75”
SW 196.4 lbs (32% bf)
Month One 166.8 lbs (19.5% bf)
Month Two 152.4 lbs (16.7% bf)
Month Three 145 lbs (14% bf)
Month Four 146 lbs (11% bf)
Month Five ? (3 week vacation out of country)
Month Six CW 142.4 (9.3% bf)
GW 150 lbs solid muscle

Because month 5 I was out of the country without access to a gym I decided to stick to low carb for month 6 to get cleaned out. I also used Cole’s regimen of low calorie high protein. I would eat about 160 grams of protein a day with low to no carbs and low fat.
Still stuck to my upper/lower split with 6 days of weights and one day of active rest.

Gained size in my chest, biceps, quads, and calves while also cutting out 2.8 lbs of fat. At six months I think I can officially say this is a lifestyle not a diet. I have formed the habits that will keep me healthy and happy the rest of my life. Looking great feels awesome but as I’ve said before the self development and massive boost to self confidence is invaluable!


August 13th, 2018

Age 49
Height 177cm / 5ft 9.75
SW 76kg / 168lbs
CW 72kg / 159lbs
Waist: start 84cm / 33” now 80cm / 31.5”
Belly button skinfold : start 18mm Now 14.5mm

I started the snake 🐍 diet two weeks ago today. The first week I did a 72 hour SJ fast, low carb / low cal meal and then a 48 hour SJ fast. I trained full body every day in the gym using Coles method of perfect form and not grinding out reps and rode for about 5 hours on my bike during the week, didn’t have any problems with energy but I did have a few problems getting to sleep. I lost 3kg the first week and also reduced my blood pressure which is one of my goals. 😀

The second week I decided to have a go at OMAD so I’d have a low carb meal in the evening about an hour before bed. This helped with my sleep and I slept like a baby, I still trained every day in the gym. This week I only lost about quarter of kg. I cycled 🚲110 miles this week.
I’ve now decided I’d like to lose all the fat first so I have a reference point for weight and leanness. I’ll then switch to OMAD and start trying to build some muscle / strength and power on the bike. I’m currently 36 hours into a dry fast so going to see how that goes, 72 hours is my target, I’ll see how I feel but would like to continue with a SJ fast. I’ll see how my sleep is and how I feel training. 😁💪🐍


October 2nd, 2018

My name is Austin(@akshantheapprentice). As a coach I am always looking for better methods of fat loss to use with my clients. After coming off of a nasty dirty bulk, I decided that it would be a great time to use myself as a test subject for anything new in the industry.

I was actually watching an Omar Isuf video where he was making fun of Cole’s channel, passing him off as a loony toon. I then stopped the video and found Cole’s channel, because I prefer to listen to “crazy” people.
Fast forward to June 15th (height 6’1″) weighing 197lbs 36in waist, I started a 72hr fast and then 24hr fasts every day after that. By July 20th I weighed in at 157lbs with a 28.5in waist. Ripped AF. I have maintained my weight since then without change.
During the first 3 days I felt very strange. Not bad or good. after those first 3 days I was back to normal but with higher energy levels. Every day I stepped on the scale it was about a pound less than the previous day. I was amazed at how easy it was to melt the fat just by changing when I ate.
Huge shout-out to Cole for standing up for the truth regardless of all the hate. He inspired me to remove my fixed price for coaching and instead operate from donations.


July 8th, 2018

Hey my name is Brandon. I am 18, 5’8” and lost around 15 hard pounds from fasting. I am an active kid who just finished high school recently (Played Football, Wrestling, and Track throughout high school) and was finding the best way to stay lean and healthy. I came across Cole and the snake Diet through trying to optimize my cut by keeping my muscle and shredding down fat. Went from 170 to 155 in around 2 weeks by training and using 48 and 72 hour fasts. Not only through fasting did I lose no muscle but was also able to start healing up other health issues such as acne and my food addictions. I am now committed to this diet and hope to stay lean and clean for the rest of my life. #GETTHATFATINYOU


June 28th, 2018
age 40
HW: 335
CW: 225
GW: 199 and ripped and able to run half marathons each week.
3 months ago I was super depressed and had no value. I started walking until I got up to 13.5 miles a day. I even walked 2 marathon distances to see what it was like. I was eating keto but the weight was not coming off as fast as I wanted it to. I was going to attempt a month long water fast and was looking for answers to questions about water fasting. I came across Cole and now he is the only thing I listen to when I work out or run. He is the trainer I NEED to get my fat ass into shape.

I did a 10 day snake juice fast and got clean of 11 medications. Type 2 diabetes is gone. High Cholesterol gone. I can eat a ton of carbs and my blood sugar gets back to normal in 2 hours. I went into the doctor and he was completely amazed at my results after I had seen him 2 months prior. I have finished multiple 15k runs and my workouts are getting more intense each day.
Divorce, depression, and no value almost made me give up.
Now I have value AND purpose. I have kicked the things that give me stress to the curb! My keto color is gone on the strips now only because I am experimenting with how to run the best race and be the best version of myself. After the race it will be back.
Ladies, I’ll be waiting for your numbers.

Feeling like I can do anything or at least a little more each day.
Get off your ass and do something!
Thanks Cole! You saved my life…now I just need a tan.


JULY 6TH, 2018

Aaron Tackett
age 45
hight 6 foot 3 inches
starting weight 269.4
current weight 198.4
total weight loss 71 pounds in 11 weeks.

My name is Aaron. I just randomly found Cole Robinson on you tube & watched his videos for a couple weeks or so then quit caffeine & just started… All my friends & wife thought I was insane, but my wife is now down 30 pounds & I’ve been helping lots of my friends & pushing them to Cole’s videos. Lifelong depression and anxiety gone, pain in my hands when I play music with my band gone, right big toe that had been numb for years working again. Riding my bicycle, gym membership for the first time in my life.


December 20th, 2018

Start Weight: 154 lbs
Current Weight: 122 lbs
Height: 5 feet 4 inch

My name is Chanel. I first heard about the snake diet in February of 2018. I spent about 4 hours watching Cole’s videos and eventually joined his snake diet motivation group. It wasn’t until August 2018, that I was finally ready to make a commitment and fasting has played a huge role in my life ever since. I started by doing strict 72 hour fasts with nothing but snake juice and eventually went down to 48 hour fasts after losing 22 pounds in one month! After reaching out to Cole, he encouraged me to keep going because there was still fat to lose and he wanted to see me push myself to the next level. Since then, I have lost a total of 32 pounds, I went from a size 4 to a size 00. I underwent a breast augmentation on 12/3, with almost no down time and ended up still losing weight verses gaining it after my procedure. My plastic surgeon even encouraged me to continue fasting post op, as it would accelerate my healing and kept me from needing any type of pain medication. My snake diet has turned into my snake lifestyle and it 100% saved my life.


July 6th, 2018

SW: 236
CW: 197
GW: 148
Height: 173cm

My name is Andrew. 21 days into the fasting and Things are going great thanks to this awesome community. I have at least 5 accountability snakes and hope to develop into the best “snakemotivator” around based on my experience in doing and documenting this.

So the journey has been interesting with a visit to the hospital in the first week, after exerting myself too hard during my first dry fast. I’ve alternated between soft dry and SJ with the results coming more quickly with Dry. Exercise is however becoming more and more important so SJ and a good regime of cardio and weights will be on the cards for the next 3 weeks.

My goal is clear: 80lbs in 40 days or bust. To this end I have already booked a photo shoot to take professional pictures once these results are achieved. Join me on this journey and lets celebrate what Cole and the amazing people here have helped us all achieve.


June 28th, 2018
Snake Diet Coach: Maaz Khan
Age: 42
Height: 5’ 3”
SW: 161lbs
CW: 118lbs
GW: 115lbs see abs, get ripped

Hello amazing Snake family. I just wanted to share my progress with you guys since you have motivated me to get this far. I went from 161lbs to 118lbs, lost so far 43lbs. I’m not done yet and never will because this is my new lifestyle forever.
I also want to thank Cole Robinson for seriously saving my life. I started my journey March 1st and had ups and downs but never stopped pushing,, yes life gets in the way but it always will. I also want to thank Maaz Khan for giving me an opportunity training me and pushing my fat ass all the way he is an amazing coach and has always motivated me thanks dude. Also my super snake buddy Matthew Cutillo who is always motivating me to become better each day, thanks buddy 😘,,,
and last I just want to tell you guys to stay away from negative assholes who will try to put you down for doing this amazing lifestyle,, don’t let their negativity stop your progress,, be brave and have courage,, ❤️🥃🐍🐍🐍🐍🥃❤️😘 YOU CAN FUCKING DO IT!!!


June 30th, 2018

SW 185
CW 156
GW 155
Well damn my goal when i started this was to be at 155 on July 21 which will be my 40th birthday well here we are 10 days in and i lost 29 pounds in 10 days on snake juice and feel amazing. I hit the gym 9 out of the 10 days and did high reps 25 to 30. Day 1,4 did snake juice day 5 dry fast day 6,7 snake juice day 8 dry fast and 9,10 snake juice. I cant believe how good i feel this is definitely life changing thank you Cole for your in your face all or nothing approach you got me motivated again.


July 19th, 2018

Height: 160cms
HW: 75 kg
SW: 68 kg
CW: 53 kg
GW: 50 kg ish

Hello, I’m Céleste from Paris, I used to be afraid of snakes, but now I am one! I am reporting live from the beautiful French Riviera that I am finally confident in my body as I cut the last layers of fat off, fasting and swimming. It’s been 59 days since I started this lifestyle and I am down 15 kilos! Disenchanted with mainstream nutritional advice I started this fasting focused lifestyle on may 21st 2018. My longest fast was 22 days (on Snake Juice) and I have done a 7 day and several 72, 48 and 24 hour fasts to get to where I am today. Before that my weight had always been a source of physical and psychological discomfort. I suffered with bulimia and cystic acne both of which are now gone for ever. Fasting is much more than a weight loss tool, it is hardcore personal development for those who dare to take their health into their own hands, scrap their addictions and achieve their dreams.


June20th, 2018

Before my journey, I wasn’t just bloated, grumpy, tired, and shoving my face full of sugar every night… I was treating my body like a punching bag and taking 30 units of long-term insulin and over 50 units of short-term… Since starting the snake diet 2 months ago, I have lost 30 lbs and my hemoglobin A1c has gone from 8.6 to 5.4. I’ve done exactly what I needed to feel better… Make a mistake, be brutally honest. Do exactly as you’re told. Obviously I was in complete denial about my state of health and after opening myself up I have gone from taking 50 units of short-term insulin to 1.5-3 units daily, testing my blood sugar like crazy and being aware of any spikes. They are uncommon, but with your body having a whole new state of living, it happens. Love and thanks to my snake family… You all made it possible, especially you Cole… #thuglifesnakelife


July 8th, 2018

My name is Wyatt. When I was 12 I was 200lbs and started eating 1 meal a day which got me down about 20 pounds but that didnt satisfie me so about 3 months later now at this point I am 180lbs at 13 me and my dad found out about the snake diet even though I lost 20 pounds the bullying was unreal so using the snake diet I did my first 48 with my dad it was hard but we got through it and it did pay off i lost 6 pounds my first one and my dad lost 7 then we did 72 hours which was very difficult but we also got through that and I lost 8 pounds on that one once I got down to the wieght I felt I was ready to workout I finally hit my goal at 140lbs at 14 years old and started to hit the gym now I’ve picked up new positions in football and feel 100 times better then I did at 200lbs.


June 28th, 2018
JILL LOST 13 LBS IN 1 MONTH ON THE SNAKE DIET! 🔥Accountability Post #2🔥
SW:126lbs May 27, 2018
CW:113lbs June 24,2018

WOW, this actually fucking works! I found the Snake Diet on YouTube, and then looked at the Instagram Posts and found someone who was in the similar boat as me (Shameen Miller) that I could relate to. I messaged her and she told me more about the Snake Diet. She also has a YouTube Channel and talks about Cole and her experience and tips with the Snake Diet. After I found the Snake Diet, I binged watched his videos and in the middle of my 3 day trip, I said “Fuck It” here goes nothing and attempted my first 48 hour fast. I only made it to 40 hours, which I am laughing at now. With the encouragement from Shameen I didn’t give up and was determined to try again. So I refeed and went for the 72 hour fast. I only made it 67 hours but I could see results this time. I went from 126 to 117 in a week! So from there , I did several 48 hour fasts (prob twice a week). I am a flight attendant and so with my job I am in different time zones, I work weird hours, and it’s hard to bring food with me that will last for several days. I also have been vegan for 13 years, and eat mostly high carb. Now with a fasted focus lifestyle I have managed to hit my goal weight, I feel more in control of my food, my digestion has improved, and my overall mental clarity and energy have increased. I am now looking to maintain and put on muscle. Thank you Cole for creating the Snake Diet and a big shout out to Shameen @shameenmiller for helping me out, a random stranger who slide into her DMs 😂 and motivating me along my journey.


June 23rd, 2018

Hi my name is Paula. I’m feeling very vulnerable posting this, I could post my half naked picture, but I don’t have a before and after, I wanted to post other health benefits to this diet. Before the snake diet I suffered huge abdominal pains, I was on antibiotics for almost ten years, constant flare ups to my skin. Started the snake diet on April 27th. I’m down 27 pounds as of today and the pictures are of today. No more pain, no filters. I’m 45 years old. I finally feel like I have my life back. Thanks to you Cole. I don’t do huge stretches of fasting, I do 48’s and cut out all the crap. Like bread, flour, pasta, rice. It’s amazing what will power can do.


June 30th, 2018

My name is Nathanael. I am 6’3″ lost over 40 pounds in 3 months fasting. I started at 217 At my lowest weight I was 174. After I got down to a very low bodyfat percentage I continued to fast while focusing on building muscle. I do eat most days just once, and I fit all my caloric needs in one meal. With a few longer fasts every week or so. I am now up to 185 but still very lean. Fasting has changed my life. Anyone can do this, it takes some self control but the results speak for themselves.

I do believe fasting has helped me build the muscle I have as quick as I have. My recovery times are great. I am barely sore ever. Full body 6 days a week is the way to do it.


July 29th, 2018

Hello Snakes my name is Dimitrios.

Start Weight: 215 lbs
End Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 46 years young
Height: 5’6 plus a little😜

Fat pictures are from Apr 21st/2018
Do what you’re told, put the damn fork down, and don’t be a pussy! Like Cole Robinson says “enjoy the process”. Words cannot describe just how good I feel! Starting weight was 215 lbs, and now I am down to 170 lbs in 3 months! I think this is a good weight for me and I’m just going to hold here for a bit.👍


June 22nd, 2018

SW: 129.0ibs
CW: 120.4 ibs
GW: 115 ibs

Accountability Post #3

So these two photos were 4 weeks apart. It’s been an incredible journey coming from the typical eat 6 meals/day when I was competing always feeling weak & hungry to now incorporating a Snake Diet fasting focused lifestyle with the help of Cole. The first two weeks Cole had me dryfast all day and eat one meal at night (I’d do my workout in the mornings). I actually felt so good and I thought dry fasting would be difficult. The next two weeks I was on vacation so I didn’t dry fast but I maintained the one meal a day routine. I am so excited to continue to push closer to my goal and to maintain it while feeling strong💪


JULY 15TH, 2018

Starting weight: 126.9
Current weight: 111.2
Goal weight: 110-115 ripped
Age: 44

I had a friend share the snake diet with me and spent some time researching and watching Cole’s videos. For the past 20 plus years I have been super active. My passion for fitness and pushing personal limits began with high endurance sports including marathon and ultra marathon running and then transitioning into triathlon and 1/2 ironman races. At the age of 40 I decided to embark on the fitness competition journey, a new challenge and also a way of trying to maintain back health through weight training. Genetic scoliosis has left me with a 20 plus s curvature in my spine so back health always remains top of mind. There are several complications associated with back health which become more severe with age. Over the years I have used many trainers and tried many different styles of dieting but never obtained the results I was seeking. Competition diets of 6 small meals a day left me feeling week, grumpy and very low energy. Working with Cole has been a remarkable experience and brought me results I never imagined possible. He is amazing and been by my side full of knowledge and advice every step of the way. This is the leanest I have been and the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. In six weeks I was able to attain goals I worked years and months trying to obtain and felt I fell short. My skin is glowing, my energy is amazing and I am feeling confident in my own skin. Fasting is not about vanity it is so much more. Fasting is about health, happiness and self development. I am looking to hit the stage and compete again in a couple months and already feel so much more confident and prepared. I believe in this lifestyle and want to show others what can be achieved through fasting and working hard in the gym. Cannot wait to continue working with Cole to build more muscle, lose all the fat and most importantly become a healthier person inside and out.


JULY 16TH, 2018

My name is Joe. I lost 40 pound on a snake diet in 2 month, I started with 190 pound after my bulk and gave up cutting for a while, simply because none of the mainstream methods are working for me. Then I ran across the snake diet on YouTube and tries it out. I fasted for 48 hours at first and literally lost about 10 pound. I’ve tossed out all my supplements including protein powders and diet pills. I’be mostly been doing 72 hours fasts and I’ve done a 5 day water fast immediately followed with a 2 day dry fast. With in 2 month, I’ve lost 40 pound of pure fat and didn’t lose any muscle. I lift weights everyday for about an hour and early did cardio. Cole Robinson is a god damn guru, follow his methods and you’ll get sick results, on my mama.


July 15th, 2018

In pic left 170
Right 155

Cw 153

Took me a month or so to get the last 15 pounds. Did a lot of big refeeds at home and when was out. Dis 48s and 72s mostly. Got to 86 once.
I wasn’t hard after with social as I timed meals with events and just fasted a bit longer till my wieght was back to pre reefed. My taekwondo training is in proved and I’m crazy strong for my wieght class.


JUNE 22ND, 2018

I stepped on the scale at 384 lbs. I knew I needed a change. I have a two-year-old and need to set a good example. After trying Keto and IF, I did more research and found the snake diet. That is when shit got real—I put my heart and soul into this fasting focused lifestyle and after 25 weeks, I am proud to say that I have successfully lost 125 lbs…FOREVER.


JULY 8TH, 2018

My name is Donald. I want to personally thank Cole Robinson for motivating me to get to where I am. My story: I started my fitness journey on May 8th 2018 and at that time I didn’t know about the Snake Diet, but I did know about IF.
My goal was to get rid of my love handles and belly.

While I was getting results with IF, it wasn’t happening fast enough. I found out about the Snake Diet on June 3rd 2018 and I then decided to give it a go to get to my goal faster.
I wasn’t sure what the weight would need to be to be shredded, but I was guessing around 150 lbs. Well I hit 150 and my abs still were not showing, so I kept going.

I focused mainly on 24 hour Fasts with a few longer Fasts thrown in for good measure, mostly 36 and 40 hours. I also focused on some 24 hour dry fasts also. I wanted to make sure I got the full experience of Snake Juice Fasting and Dry Fasting.


September 8th, 2018

HW: 274
SW: 192 July 16
GW: 145 GOAL ACHIEVED Sept 6th
COACH: Michelene Adamo
Last night I hit my scale goal thanks to my awesome coach Michelene Adamo!! Next step, get ripped 😁

Lost 47lbs in 50 days!!! 🐍🐍🐍 Tonight I hit my scale goal! 🐍🐍🐍 I started with my coach Michelene Adamo on July 16, from then till today she has guided me ❤️ and calmed me thru any water retention along the way😂 Thank you so much😘. It’s amazing how a complete stranger can completely change your life if you let them😊. Thank you so much to my amazing sister Stephanie Tarno who in between her crazy schedule helped me celebrate with a whole photoshoot today! ( Pics coming soon!!) And thank you to my amazing mom Laura Plateroti Cianciarulo cause without you none of it would be possible ❤️ And thank you Cole Robinson of course!! Next step… GET RIPPED!! 😁


June 22nd, 2018

Starting weight:68 kg
Current weight: 58.8kg
Goal weight: 50 kg

Hi, my name is Céleste. Since I discovered the snake diet a month ago I underwent an extended fast of 22 days. Then I had a refeed, a 4 day fast and another refeed and now I am on day 5 of another extended open ended fast to get to my ultimate goal of 50kg or 110 pounds. I was fed up with looking and feeling like a chubby teenager. It was time to transform into the wild and free fully grown capable woman I should be. My friends I haven’t seen in a while don’t recognise me! But I am finally seeing myself.


July 29th, 2018

Starting Weight: 378 lbs March 2nd, 2018
Current Weight: 245 lbs July 29th, 2018
Goal weight: 205 lbs

Hello. My name is Lawrence Malcheff. I have lost 133 lbs on the Snake Diet in 5 months and 3 weeks. I am right on track to hitting my goal of 205 -215 lbs by the end of August! This is post is short and sweet because I only have time to reach the end goal! Talk is cheap! Time to get after it!


July 9, 2018

Hi, my name is Shaun Williamson. I am a professional Singer and Vocal Coach living in
Las Vegas, Nevada

Age – 53
Hgt – 5’7”
SW – 220 lbs
CW – 149

The Snake Diet has changed my life both personally as well as professionally. I want people to see how the Snake diet is working with my psoriasis. I have suffered with this for over 30 years. I was unable to work my day job as a fiber optic cable installer because I also got Psoriatic arthritis as well. I couldn’t wear my wedding ring because my hands were often swollen. As a professional entertainer, I hated having my pics taken. Misery.
I’ve taken some seriously harsh drugs that never work for long. I went off my med for this (Soriatane) over a month ago when I started the snake diet. Usually, when I stop the med, it comes screaming back within a week, and worse. This time, as you can see, it is much better. I will start dry fasting now along with urine therapy to see if we can kill it completely. Let’s do this!


June 18th, 2018

Snake diet motivator : Maaz Khan
SW – 139.7 lbs
CW – 119 lbs
Weight lost on SJ – 20lbs
GW – 110 lbs
I cannot BELIEVE that’s me! A big shoutout to Maaz Khan for ensuring I stayed on track and giving me an earful whenever I lost it!
I started off with a wet fast, I didn’t plan a refeed I just knew I had 30lbs to lose! Day 1 & 2 was really easy, was doing cardio and felt energized, Day 3 & 4 felt a little challenging, not so much physically but more mentally. My body was ok I had the energy but my mind was playing games, I was extremely annoyed and angry and I felt lazy. At that time, I watched back to back ALL of Cole’s videos and kept myself away from temptation. After that I felt like I eased into it, I started preparing food for my family and I was fine with not eating at all, I managed a 16 days SJ fast and in that time I lost 13lbs! Of course I already felt super motivated with that number and thought “shit I only have 17lbs to go as compared to 30lbs when I started this!” Wow the feeling was totally unexplainable. I have tried to lose 20lbs in years!

If you’re reading this, you know you owe it to yourself! There is no better feeling in the world than to give yourself the body and health you deserve! I wish you all the best and YOU CAN DO IT!


August 3rd, 2018

Starting Weight: 11 st 3 (157 pounds)
Weight Day 46: 121
Total lost in 46 Days: 35 pounds
Age: 45
Height: 5’5”
Reason for Fasting: To avoid drugs, hospital stays and surgery for progressed Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and lipomas in upper abdomen.
Journey: I’m Clare from England. I have a 6 year old son I want to see grow up & be there for. On 18th June I dove straight into a 5 day hard dry fast cold turkey off anti-depressants, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, food and all liquids). I did another 4 day hard dry fast half way through. I had two small refeeds. The first was on day 33: 2 slices of melon and a peach and coconut water. The 2nd refeed was on day 43: 2 slices of turkey, half an avocado and a cup of raspberries and blueberries. Although I started this for health reasons I have ended up 4 dress sizes smaller and have detoxed not just physically but emotionally, mentally and psychologically too. Please do yourself a favour and fast to last. I have spoken to Cole and following his guidance. ❤️


June 18th, 2018

Starting weight 300lbs
current weight: 180lbs
Goal weight : 165lbs to ripped!

Hi im Armand Dahilan from Philippines.
im trying to lose some weight since august 2017. But i always end up
binge eating. and then theres a point that i will not eat the whole day
and lose 3 lbs. i started to wonder if not eating in a few days is possible
and is it safe. so i googled it. search it n youtube and then i discovered the people
who are doing 3 to 7days water fasting and then i just continue on searching and studying
until i found this great motivator n youtube “snake diet” i studied
his videos and try doing water fasting. Im starting to feel good because
after all these years finally i found the real chance and a real key to lose big amount of weight.
Im doing fasting since december but i became serious in it in the month of february 2018. and i search For Cole in facebook
his videos is really great and a real motivation to all fatty out there. I already lost 120lbs because of cole’s snake diet fasting! and now i will continue doing this
until i get ripped! i hope that cole will help me in improving my body physique and remove these loose skin.
Lets get ripped fatty! its time for a change!


July 1st, 2018

My name is Myla. When I started the snake diet in Oct 2017 I was skeptical, but desperate for something to alleviate my daily fatigue and pain. I did a 72hr fast for my first fast and was immediately hooked! I could feel a difference already! That month I lost 25lbs. I then wanted to test how sustainable the weight loss and lifestyle would be so experimented with dry fasting routines and even indulged in holiday treats during NOV and DEC. To my amazement I maintained my weight loss. I kicked it into high gear For the month of JAN 2018 and lost an additional 27lbs that month! From February to date I have simply been living a fasting focused lifestyle and loving it! I’ve even managed to shave another 8lbs off along the way. For a total of 60lbs pretty effortlessly ❤️


July 29th, 2018

Height: 5’4″
SW: 167.5
CW: 125.9
GW: 120-125
Health Issues: Lyme Disease, Hypothyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, Hormone imbalance, Insulin Resistant, Leaky Gut, Homozygous MTHFR mutation, DCIS in 2014 (left breast mastectomy), suspect mercury toxicity
Hey everyone…I’m Stephanie from the U.S. I started the Snake Diet on 4/14…am down 41 pounds in three months!!! My main motivation was to improve my health. I’ve had health issues for over 10 years. Have had a lot of success with the snake diet…decreased inflammation, no more joint pain, off of thyroid medicine, less fatigue, stable blood sugar, no headaches, less muscle pain, more energy.
I also had some struggles last month…my third month snaking. After doing some research I believe that these may be caused by mercury toxicity, so am looking into this now.
Good news is that I am very close to my goal weight. I probably have at least another 5 lbs to go. I am also feeling good enough to do some lifting and walking now. I need to build some muscle, because it’s been 10+ years since I’ve been able to do much exercise. I was a triathlete and runner before I got sick, so was very active. Despite my set back this month I am very optimistic that I am going to get my health back with fasting. Thank you Cole for helping me get my life back!!!


JULY 27TH, 2018

SW: 270.2
CW: 200.4
GW: maintain between 200-215

Hey fatty!!! hey everyone my name is Osvaldo I lost 70 pounds on the snake diet I’m not going to lie when I first was scrolling on YouTube looking for how to lose weight and I came across Cole I’m like this guy is out of his mind but I said you know what it makes perfect sense so I tried it and in 4 months from January 15 to May 15 I loss 70 pounds so I said well I’m at my goal weight right now I wanna see if I could maintain this and guess what it’s easier to maintain then it was to lose and I haven’t gone past 210 since then . Cole thank you I appreciate everything your doing Its a revolution my man.


December 25th, 2018


My name is David Contreras and i had been dieting already for about 6 months when i found the snake diet. My starting weight was 225lbs and i was able to get down to 185lbs with the “mainstream intermittent fasting routine” 16-18hr fasts/day.In one of the “fasting fb groups”,Someone told me to check out the “Snake Diet” so I did. Checked out the videos, Cole’s blunt, no-BS style resonated with me. So i adopted his methods. He took my knowledge about fasting to another level, and completely changed my mindset. FASTING IS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. I went from only being able to fast 18-24 hrs to doing 72’s. I did what Cole said, “get atleast 1 -48hrs fast a week” and the rest of the days i was on 24’s. Every other week i did a 72. Those were the 3 numbers i stuck to in my cutting phase.Refeeds i did what Cole said, NO CARBS so i would stay in fat burning mode. All i can say is “the Snake Diet is the TRUE KETO diet”,and its tremendously effective.It helped me break through the pleateus, RETAIN all my muscle mass, improved my skin, helped me tighten up loose skin which comes naturally with fatloss. And achieve my GOAL WEIGHT of 165lbs. know it will help Anyone who is serious about losing body fat, retain/build muscle mass but most importantly to regain their health and confidence.


September 23rd, 2018

S.w. Sept 2017 280 lbs (twenty stone)
C.w. Sept 2018 170 lbs (12st 2lbs)

My name is Craig. So how I got to do Cole Robinson Snake Diet was through Jason Fung on YT Robinson Cole videos was popping up so I watched one of his videos first off like most I thought who’s this friggin nut case sorry Robinson Cole 😘
whats he trying to sell. I switched him off and followed jason fung for a month built up to a 7 day water only fast lost a good few pounds within a month but was uncomfortable with plain water.So checked out Cole Videos again I thought this guy makes good sense especially using the salts so I did my own research and dug I got on the Snake diet and never looked back maximum fasting days with snake juice is 10 days then re feeds done a few 3 days dry fast every thing Cole says is spot on this guy just doesn’t talk it he walks it he does the experiments on himself to verify the information he gives out.

Now my body fat is pretty low i do 48s for fasting and i’m starting a 30 day meat only as I think this may be the best way to go for me.
So if any one is unsure on doing the Snake diet do your own research dig deeper and find out why the fasting focus lifestyle is the way to go especially with the salts for optimum health
Lets all try and get the Snake Diet Motivation group to a million and show how to get there health back!


July 18th, 2018

Started snake diet 5/6/18
Down 40 lbs in 10.5 weeks
Starting weight 196
Current weight 156
Goal weight 145
Height: 5’7
Age: 34

My last pregnancy was complicated and I packed on the LB’s. I had a c-section due to complete placenta previa on 5/30/17. At the 6 week mark, I had my post op appt. I still looked super pregnant and was told I had a bad case of diastis recti. This is were the connective abdominal tissues have torn and separated vertically. So now my core was shot from that and c-section. I felt discouraged and insecure. I went vegetarian and started some cardio but lost hardly any weight in almost a year!! There was a moment in late April when I was at the gym and sat on the floor in front of the mirror and saw that sad discouraged “fatty” looking back at me, and felt f*cking fed up!!! I also had been dealing with unusual symptoms since my son was born. Chronic joint pain, fatigue and sensitivity to sun. Doctors were suspecting Lupus but it was a 6 month wait to see the specialist. That’s when my boyfriend suggested I take matters into my own hands and tried fasting to heal my issues, while waiting to be seen. He’s no stranger to fasting, but I’ve always thought he was insane!! Fasting was never an option in my mind. We watched the documentary “the science of fasting” and my mind was opened… plus, I was desperate and (almost) willing to try anything. He introduced me to the snake diet and coached/encouraged me along the way! At the 3 week mark not only was I down about 15 lbs but my lupus symptoms were almost completely gone!! I’m feeling great! Hitting (postpartum) PR’s at the gym and have so much more energy to play with my kiddos, run my business and take care of my home/family! I’m not ashamed to put on a swimsuit and cool off at the pool with my kids! Overall my confidence has improved greatly and it’s benefited my life all the way around! Dozens of clients, friends and family have asked my secret and I’ve turned them on to the snake diet too! About 11 lbs to my goal! Almost there! So incredibly thankful for the snake diet!!


December 12th, 2018


My name is Jeremy & I have lost 39 lbs in 78 days! Still fasting with my snakejuice!



GW:200lbs/ripped/lean Thanks Cole Robinson! I was able to keep my muscle doing the wet fast. I am currently in only week 9 of working out in the gym…. I am very proud of these results. IF ANYONE says you CAN’T make a HEALTHY change I WILL BE THE FIRST TO TELL YOU THEY ARE WRONG! Checkout Snake Diet on Youtube & learn how to lose weight FAST!…IT’S FREE!


October 10th, 2018


Coach: Cole Robinson
Height: 5’11”
Start Weight: 210
Current Weight: 197
Goal: same weight, improve composition and performance
My first accountability post I weighed in at 210. I compete in powerlifting, so maintaining muscle and strength is hugely important. I’ve been able to come down to a record low of 197, the lowest I’ve been in over 10 years, and hit a personal best on deadlift as well.
I’ve been consistent with carnivore refeeds and using scale feedback to adjust my macros. This has been easier than I ever thought. I feel amazing all day and have been slowing upping my calories every couple days too. No loss in strength. I have been as aggressive with fasting as to drop 21 pounds in 21 and still maintain strength. So if someone tells you that you will lose muscle, it’s simply not true.
I am alittle over 5 weeks out from my next powerlifting meet, I cannot wait to see how far I can continue to improve until then.
If Cole says it, do it. You will be successful.


December 10th, 2018


Height 5’3 1/2”
SW: 183 (before pics taken at 178)
CW: 131
Age: 40 TODAY!😍
52 pounds GONE!!
I had been chubby as a kid, but then was healthy as a young adult. After two pregnancies and moving out of state twice, I let myself go. For 10 years I’ve paid for nearly every diet out there. They’d work for a while, but never lost ALL of it. This Feb I was at my heaviest and SO frustrated. I found the Snake Diet and NEVER looked back. I lost 32 lbs from Feb-Apr, maintained for six months, and Nov-Dec I lost the last 21 lbs. I TRAVELED EXTENSIVELY AND ENJOYED MY LIFE FOR THAT SIX MONTHS BUT I STILL MAINTAINED that first 32 lb loss!!! I will ALWAYS fast. My mood is better, my allergies are gone, back/neck pain is gone, my skin is brighter, and I have more energy for my family! I believe fasting cures ALL that ails you. Cole Robinson you’ve changed my life forever for the better. Here’s to my last 6 lbs!!!!


November 14th, 2018


My Name is Lorna-Jane and I have been fasting on the SnakeDiet.
I have lost 21lbs!In 56 days! Still fasting with my snakejuice.

I’ve gained body confidence! My clothes fit me again. And my boyfriend has started telling my I’m fit!not fat! My family support me & I don’t give a damn about anyone else but me and my progress. My goal is to get lean and clean for better health and body image.
I have completely embraced the fasting lifestyle.There is no other way to live.
Here’s an update on how I’m doing;Within 5 days fasting I lost 11lbs to start with and completed a detox from coffee cigarettes,sugar.
I have stopped tablets for Bipolar. Fluoxetine. I am not medicated. I have the support of my Doctor. My migraines have gone.
First fast I gained so much knowledge about my body and stuck to SnakeJuice and Coles’ specific reFeed advice.
I’ve had a few relapses. I drank alcohol & continued to eat out with friends and family.I started to loose sight of what I was doing to my body and my mental health suffered because of that. Any time I ate junk food or takeaways I felt sick and bloated and my skin was so bad I slipped into mood swings & it kicked me out of a good sleep routine also.(Always stick with the programme)I try not to dwell on this,I believe in moving on forwards and learning from those experiences. Self motivation comes from my weekly measurements & accountability pictures.
I’m mostly doing 48 hour fast with SnakeJuice. I feel amazing. My skin is clear. My body is getting fitter each week! I have increased concentration and alertness. I feel invincible. Commitment, determination and love for my body/mind keeps me going when it gets tough. But honestly it’s mostly been mind over matter and pretty easy! I’ve saved so much cash too!

I can’t wait to get lean and ripped and it’s going to happen before my birthday. 26th December. I’ve made a Promise to my body because I deserve to be clean and lean.


November 8th, 2018

Chris Barsoumian
Toronto, ontario, Canada
Height 175cm
Highest weight 300lbs
300lbs at May 27 2018
214lbs as of August 7 2018
Goal weight 180lbs
Currently sitting at 178.4 November 7

I have always struggled with my weight my whole life. I have on multiple occasions lost significant amounts of weight at various points in my life though gym and healthy eating. In 2012 I was in great shape at 195lbs up until I broke my neck in a work accident and went into a depression I got better and started a new journey again and had some success only to have another tragedy happen and I had a severe disk slip which pinched my sciatic nerve putting me in a wheelchair in 2016 I have since had two spinal surgeries and am better but was advised that weight loss was necessary for my back pain to go away completely. On May 27 I was introduced to snake juice and I have since lost 86lbs in 10 weeks i have pushed myself going longer and harder and have now passed my goal sitting at 178 November 7 a total of 5 months and have no intentions of slowing down! My back pain is non existent my energy levels are through the roof skin is clear teeth are whiter I’m happier then I have been in a long time! Thx Cole Robinson and SJ supporters!


November 4th, 2018


SW: 222 – Dec 1, 2017
CW: 135.4 – Nov 4, 2018
GW: 135
Height: 5’3”
Age: 37
Snake diet family, this day has finally arrived, I have hit my snake diet goal weight!! I started my journey on December 1st of last year and have lost 87 lbs! My routine consisted mostly of 48, 72 and 96 hours fasts with a couple 48 hour soft dry fasts mixed in towards the end. Between my fasts I ate one small 4:1 refeed, then got right back to fasting. I wasn’t always perfect, but I always stayed committed and never fell too far off track.
I chose to do shorter fasts because that’s what worked best for me and made it sustainable as a lifestyle…a lifestyle that I will continue to live for the rest of my life.
Like many of you, I have struggled with my weight all my life but especially after having kids. I’ve always been pretty active and eaten what I thought was a healthy diet. I now realize that I was just eating too much and too often! I remember telling my husband, “the only way I can lose weight is if I just don’t eat”. But mainstream tells us that that’s not safe, so I continued on with my BS mainstream diet that kept me fat and hungry all the time!! I am eternally grateful to Cole for his passion and no bullshit approach to weight loss. He has changed so many lives including mine!!
My goals going forward are to continue leading a fasting focused lifestyle and introducing people to the snake diet. I want all the other mamas out there to know that it is possible to get that smoking hot body back. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SETTLE!! I also want to say for the non-believers in this group, that will say this is unhealthy…I feel the healthiest I have felt ever in my life, I feel like I’m in my 20s again! I have so much energy and motivation now, it’s crazy! I have also cured my high BP, lowered my cholesterol and my heel and hip pains are gone!! I’m looking forward to the next phase of this journey, to that OMAD life, hitting the gym, building that booty, getting more toned and continuing to work on healing loose skin with dry fasting. Follow me on instagram if you’d like to continue following my journey.


September 11th, 2018

Height: 5’11” / 178cm

Fasting to be strong, quick, and healthy

Hey guys!

My name is Sofien, im 29 I live in France and my main hobby is basketball. A back injury took me away from the courts from 2008 to 2014 and I gained about 45 pounds over the period. When starting playing again (and started lifting weights), I was able to lose half of that but was always stuck at that 185 mark. When training for vertical jump last summer I went down to 167 when combining the jump/weight program to a catabolic hypocaloric diet that killed pretty much all my gains in vertical leap. And of course, the rule of hypocaloric diets applied
and I went back up to 185lbs since my metabolism was so messed up.

I found Cole’s videos by luck in mid June 2018 now. I started experimenting very early, as I felt he knew what he was talking about.

I waited until end of July to go past the 48h mark and did 5 days SJ + 2 days (hard) dry on the week-end for a total of 7 straight days without food.

Health benefits I felt include: – improved skin
– improved nails
– no more rashes
– no more night sweats (I would normally get them every second day)
– no more anxiety
– no more addiction to sugar
– awesome insulin sensitivity

I maintain my weight by eating once a day and doing a 48h fast once a week. I tried high fat low carb and I felt great except I couldn’t do explosive movements anymore
even using TKD (Targetted Keto Diet). So now I just eat regular, as healthy as possible and combined with Cole’s 5 times a week quality low reps training plan, I feel great.

My new goal is to get leaner, combine fasting with plyometrics and be able to dunk. I’m gonna hold on to that for a while since Basketball season has already started. But I’ll definitely
jump into it as soon as I don’t have practice anymore.

I’d like to thank Cole Robinson for helping me improve my life overall. And now I’d like to help others too. I’ve already started: my girlfriend’s hypothyroidism is gone with the help of fasting and my colleagues are starting to fast too.


November 2nd, 2018

SW: 297 lbs
CW: 201 lbs
GW: 180lbs “fasted” – 190lbs “Fed”

I started this journey on June 4th, that’s the day I took pictures and got serious about fasting. I was morbidly obese, high blood pressure, Acid Reflux, Irregular heartbeat condition (IST), psoriasis, no energy, joint pain, I WAS A MESS!! In 5 months time June 4th to November 2nd I lost 96lbs total so far.

Lots of 4-5 day fasts, some 6 day’ers, did one 10 day fast, a couple 72 hr dry fasts, and a bunch of 48 hr dry fasts.

I have been completely medication free for over 2 months!! My heart condition that dozens of doctors could not find a way to cure (with meds nor surgery), was healed thru fasting. I dealt with this condition for 8 years!! I did a 3 day hard dry fast in August and after that I have had no symptoms and haven’t needed meds since and I feel awesome!! Not to mention all my other bodily ailments have been healed as well!

It’s been a long challenging journey breaking my food addiction and eating habits, sometimes I mess up but I always just jump back into another fast. Retraining the brain is probably the hardest part. Keep the faith, fight the good fight and SNAKE ON!! Love you all, never give up!


August 30th, 2018
I started the snake diet a year and a half ago. I’ve struggled with acne since i was 14 years old, I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. I fucked up my gut from taking meds, being an alcoholic and eating like shit for years. I went through heavy depression and suicide attempts hating myself and how I looked, I struggled with weight most of my life as well and even when I lost the fat the acne was still present. I started the snake diet and instantly I noticed a difference in my skin, my mood and everything, literally everything, all my problems were going away and healing. I was also in a bad car accident 8 years ago which left me with a brain injury. I was getting daily migraines, was dizzy everyday, insomnia, mood swings, depression and a shitload more problems.. With fasting everything was cured, no fucking joke! Then I met Cole robinson and we became friends, we then became roommates and now living with him he’s helped me to learn so much about fasting which helped my skin heal up. I still have a lot of scarring and I still get some breakouts but nothing like how my back looked. Now I’m working out hard, eating healthier, fasting hard and so much happier.


December 18th,2018

Snake Diet Coach: Maaz Khan


Height: 5’2
HW: 185 lbs
SW: 169.9 lbs
CW: 137.1 lbs
GW: 120 lbs

My name is Gema. I started Jan 2, 2018 with IF and after a few months lost and kept off 15lbs but i did my research and then I found Cole Robinson and the Snake Diet. I tried a few times on my own and managed to do a few 3 day hard dry fasts. For some reason dry fasting seems easier for me. I lost 9 lbs each time but would binge and gain them back right away. In August I finally decided to get a coach and make am accountability post. Maaz gave me the push I needed. Doing 72 hr dry fast followed by snake juice and followed by another 48 hr dry fast I was able to lose about 15 lbs in one week. I fell off the wagon for a while but this is where your Coach comes in handy. After that i was up and down and it was not easy but i never gave up. Even if i failed i kept going and tried again the next day. Then one day i said “the hell with it” and pulled a 5 day soft dry fast and dropped 16 more lbs. This gave me encouragement and i re fed on some berries and watermelon/cucumbers with my snake juice and continued the next day and i only did 3 days after but eventually did another 5 day dry fast. None of my clothes fit! Haha and most importantly i feel soooo healthy and full of energy. I did get joint swelling this last round but currently dry fasting and its going away. Detox is a mf. Will definitely not go back to eating every day. Food is meant to keep our bodies alive…not make us sick and kill us.


January 4th, 2019 


SW: 177 lbs
CW: 145 lbs
Loss: 32 lbs
Height: 5’9

My name is Chantel and I started the Snake Diet in June this year, after hearing about it through my brother (who lost 48 lbs through it). I am 27 and have PCOS and insulin resistance, which means its pretty easy to gain weight. I had tried low carb diets previously but never had success at maintaining them long term, usually only doing them for 2 months. I have now been doing the Snake Diet for 6 months and it has become a lifestyle now and not a diet, I will never look back!

I started off on the Snake Diet, doing 48 hours fasts (using snake juice) and then built up to 72 hour ones. When I did refeed, it was one meal and usually low carb. Since starting, not only have I lost 32 lbs, but my PCOS symptoms have been massively reduced. I used to get my period once every 3 months and would sometimes have it for a whole month. Now I get them once a month to the day, which I have never experienced before in my life. Hair loss has also decreased, and my skin is much healthier. My energy levels are so much higher and I even no longer experience food intolerance symptoms that I used to get pre-diet.


August 24th, 2018

SW: 222 (Dec 2, 2017)
CW: 150 (Aug 24, 2018)
GW: 135
Height: 5’3”
My name is Leticia. I started this journey in early Dec after a trip home for Thanksgiving. A couple family members, who hadn’t seen me in a while, commented on my weight gain and made me feel like a total fatty. It was the wake-up call I needed. Shortly after I returned from my trip, my best friend (thank god) added me to this group. At first, I was a little offended but then I started watching Cole’s videos and before I knew it, I had been watching for 3 hours! Everything made complete sense! I bought my snake juice supplies and started fasting the very next day! Honestly, it took me a good 3 tries before I made it past 24 hours but I kept on trying and stayed committed. Finally, I made it through and haven’t looked back! I mostly do 72s, 48s and more 24s than I’d like to admit. I envy those of you who can fast longer, but this is what has worked for me. I’m 15 lbs away from my goal, I’m wearing a size 5 Jean and small tops, and to say I feel amazing is an understatement! I have my confidence back, I have my smile back and I feel like I have my life back! I will be forever grateful to Cole and the snake diet! I have been paying it forward and currently have 5 friends snaking and 2 more on the fence. It feels awesome to help others get healthy! Good luck to all of you on your journey and thanks for reading this long ass post! 🐍❤️


November 23rd, 2018


AGE: 25
HW: 190
SW: 185
CW: 142
GW: 124 (Driver’s License Weight)

Youtube: Mariah Vitoria

This fast was broken with the fattiest bacon I could find with butter, eggs, bone broth, and raw cheese. I felt amazing after with high energy and no bad reactions!
I was too young to have high blood pressure, no energy, no ability to run or play basketball without my knees and hips throbbing all night long. Your health is your wealth.

Before this fast I was eating 1 meal a day, high fat low carb and realized that even eating once a day, I wasn’t even hungry when I was eating. What if I decided to only consume food when I was actually hungry? With so much stored body fat, my body had plenty of fuel. 54 days later and I completed a salt water fast. I experienced zero hunger. Over 54 days I consumed zero calories- salt and water only. My brain has never functioned better in my life. Looking back now I was living at 50% before my fast.

I saw many fasting videos online but Cole’s videos made me believe that I could fast for long periods of times. I would see the results I wanted in a fraction of the time. I actually feel my age again!

Mainstream tells us to eat 3 times a day with 3 snacks. Sells us billions of dollars in gym memberships, weight loss products, videos and supplements every year. That photo on the left cost me probably 10k with “heathy” Foods, and gym memberships. The photo on the right saved me about $1000 of no groceries or eating out over the last two months. I also barley exercised during this fast and got those results.

Excess fat is stored food… let your body eat that shit up. It’s really the most simple, cost effective concept that we’re told will “kill” us. But there’s no money in fasting, and only the one’s who have done it will sell it to you as the most life changing experience of their life.

After this fast I will continue to eat once a day, incorporate exercise to start building muscle, and live a fasting focused lifestyle. My life is forever changed and I cannot thank Cole enough!


November 11th, 2018


HW 215
Starting weight 193 (pic#1) May 23

171.5 (pic#2) June 8

CW 140 (pic#3) November 9
My name is Tammy, and I first heard of and watched my first snake diet video on May 23/2018, I half-ass messed around with a little fasting, but basically just cut back eating frequency/quantity, but still ate like crap for the most part. Then on May 27th/2018 I jumped in with a three day dry fast which shocked and surprised me that I actually went thru with it!! I lost 10 1/2 pounds that first fast and felt strong and accomplished! I’m also battling breast cancer which is still prevalent, but I have faith and signs that it will be gone!!! So the last few months I’ve been struggling a lot, having some kind of mental block that is keep me stuck in a pattern of self sabotage, which shows, because I should be strong, lean, and WAY less cancery than I still am already at this point!! 🙄😡 so last Friday I had a good chat with Cole, and he encouraged me and we made a new plan, including some body weight exercises (I’ll post about those soon on my FB live)
So the two scans I had (June and August) showed a shrinking of the largest lymph node by 15%!! I don’t have another scan in the works, but am happy to have had those two to see that comparison! The outside part of the tumour looks worse now as it pushes outward and forward, although I still have frequent bleeding the pain has diminished a lot the last three months, which is a blessing. I really don’t know what this all means as this is kinda new territory for many people (me included) and I’m learning as I go, trying to keep records but I’ve always struggled with being organized and consistent, and even tho I have stumbled a lot, this is still the most I’ve ever stay steady with anything health wise. Anyway, moving forward I have a ambitious goal to drop down to 123 by December 12th, to make it to 70pound loss since beginning the fasting focused lifestyle!! Keep watching!


November 8th, 2018


Height: 5’6
SW: 131
CW: 120

My name is Kayt. I’ve officially finished my first 7 days fasted on snake juice!
The reason I began The Snake Juice Diet was primarily to cure my Type 2 Diabetes. I am a married mom of 2 young girls who need me to be fully present, healthy and VERY energetic. Traditional Doctors would tell me I need Metformin, but blood tests were showing that Metformin was causing major stress on my liver ( showing elevated liver enzyme). My blood sugar was out of control, my kidneys were steps away from needing dialysis. So, I reached out to Cole and told him my goals.
Let me be honest with you. This week wasn’t easy! But, I can tell you even after one week that this is going to work. I’ve been checking my blood sugars and even reporting them to a naturopath MD and my fasting blood sugars have stabilized dramatically. And though weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, I managed to lose 11.5 pounds in 7 days!!!! Never have I EVER done that. I almost fell off the scale in shock. Cole was and is tough on me but it’s because he won’t let me fail. Isn’t it so refreshing to have someone helping you with your health that will not let you fail? He’s helped me dig deep to find mental toughness that I didn’t know I had. After this week, I know I can do anything! If you are on the fence, stop hesitating. Show yourself YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! You deserve this! You deserve to be healthy and happy!
Thank you Cole for kicking me in gear. I will NEVER be able to thank you enough for pushing me to take this first step.


October 24th, 2018

Coach: Robinson Cole

8 days on snake juice ===>>>>12 pound loss!!
154lb to 142lb

My name is April & Cole holds me accountable! Take your accountability pics every 7 days and record your waist to hip ratio! (Smallest circumference of your waist/largest circumference of your hips)

The following week (after this pic) my weight loss didn’t change, but I lost an inch around my waist. (I lift at the gym fairly frequently). I’m glad Cole told me to record my measurements! Ladies! The water retention…ugh….. I was really feeling annoyed that i wasnt eating, and wasnt dropping more pounds, but i was close to menstration so that will do it! The joys of being a woman……. Muscle recovery from the gym is taking a LOT longer than it used to……… I’m experimenting with timing my refeeds..?.. Finally, i got some blood work done and my lipid panel shows high “good cholesterol” 🙂 and normal total cholesterol: the results of a keto diet!
It’s funny (sad) because the generic handout from the Dr still suggests to eat low fat foods to raise your good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL), which is the exact opposite of what you should eat. My total cholesterol a few years ago was high, so im happy everything looks good. And now i have a new baseline!

Someone asked about bloodwork and fasting… u are not depleting electrolytes with snake juice so any issues showing up wont be a result of fasting.
Thanks, Cole!


October 14th, 2018

GW 200 or less shredded

My name is Matthew. I Started the Snake Diet on September 8th at 238lbs. I got down to 208lbs in 14 days, then I had a few cheat days that set me back. I was back up to 220lbs because of an all you can eat sushi day (they charge for anything uneaten and I’m on a budget haha) and then last Saturday night after the McGregor fight I splurged on a giant ice cream waffle cone with all the fixings, Sunday morning I was completely out of Ketosis, so what did I do? I fasted until 8pm and I was back in Ketosis!
That’s what we do, we’re human and we make mistakes, but it’s what you do and how you learn from the mistakes that defines you. I weighed in at 220lbs this Monday hit it hard all week and finished the week off with a 3 day fast, ONE DAY SNAKE JUICE 2 DAY SOFT DRY. Today I’m 210lbs, my goal I set and achieved. IF I CAN DO IT ALL OF YOU CAN. New goal is 205lbs by next Sunday, while still powerlifting all week and making strength gains.


November 3rd, 2018

Start weight- 168😮
Current- 148 😊
Goal- 135
Height- 5”7

My name is Amber. I now live a fasting focused lifestyle and loving it! I fast for 24hrs and 72 hrs at a time. I’m being coached by Cole Robinson and lost 20lbs in 6 weeks. I’ll never be fat again!
I had severe menopausal symptoms and diagnosed by my drug dealing doctor as Hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue . Unable to sleep through the night. Total coffee addiction in the morning to wake up followed by a bottle of Cabernet at night to sleep. Major procrastination issues too.
During this time carrying an extra 20lbs I’d swim 3miles a week, hike and long interval bike rides. Working all day as a massage therapist pushing through just to make it through the day. Remember I wasn’t sleeping well too.
I now barefoot run, swim, body squats, skip rope and currently learning how to do a pull up. I’ve been an athlete all my life but can’t do a fucking pull up…Really😐
I sleep all through the night unless my crazy cats wake me up.
I’m taking zero medication! I’ve kicked my addictions and procrastination. My energy is incredible. I’m cleaning my internal house as well as throwing things away in my home.
Cole is a straight forward amazing coach. The truth stabs like a knife. I’m a better happier version of myself. I share my knowledge with every person I have contact with. This is going to be an amazing year. You are who you attract! New life, new like minded friends and new motivation making this the best life ever! It’s more than just the weight, it goes deep!


October 28th, 2018

Height 5’2”
Sw: 149.9 lbs (September 13,2018)
Cw :122.2 lbs (October 28, 2018)
Total weight loss (So far): 27.7 lbs

My name is Courtney. Let me first start off by thanking Cole! Without him and his no bullshit attitude I would not have been able to accomplish what I have so far. Yes, so far because I know this is NOT the end. This is my new lifestyle! Was it easy, no! Did I fuck up yes! But Cole held me accountable!Do I want to die, leave behind 2 children and a husband, FUCK NO! You will have people who will tell you to eat, ignore them and fast until you feel like shit! Once you reach your goal you will feel more sexy, confident, and most importantly healthy! You’ll have people who will say you’re messing up your metabolism, they don’t know SHIT! Listen to Cole or whoever your coach is& let the naysayers stay FAT! This journey has been amazing and not because of the weight loss (that’s a plus) ! I proved to myself how much strength, determination, willpower, and perseverance I have ! If you are thinking about it stop thinking and just do it ! There’s nothing to lose except FAT!

New Goal: Get ripped AF!


October 6th, 2018
Coaches: Cole/Maaz(@snake_diet_maaz)
Age: 30
Fattest: 246 lbs in January 2017
Starting weight: 220 lbs on May 16/18
Current weight: 146 lbs
Goals: 125 lbs, skinny, fit, no loose skin on my stomach, and a nice feminine physique overall in one package…I’m goin for the win!
Total weight loss: 74 LBS GONE in 4.5 months 🐍
Height: 5’6
Month 1: various fasts from 48s to 7 days with snake juice.
Month 2: fasted straight to 18 days with SJ
Month 3: dry fast 2-3 days, rehydrate with snake juice, then repeat dry fast. Refeed every 10-15 lbs lost.
Month 4: same as month 3

My Story As a little girl I would day dream about what my life would be like when I would be all grown up. Fast forward to 2018 and the life I was living was not what I ever wanted for myself or imagined it would be. It was quite the opposite actually, I was fat, angry, sad, hurt, in a terrible marriage, and hating every minute of life. I was well on my way to being over 300 lbs. It was my 30th bday on May 13th, and I had enough! I desperately needed to change my life. Change was coming alright and I hadn’t a clue to what extent my life was going to change forever. I started the snake diet and the only thing on my mind was to lose weight, I thought this was going to be only about weight loss. Boy was I in for a big surprise! Weight loss turned into a journey, which turned into therapy to deal with my past. I became my own counsellor. Through the process I was actually learning what caused me to be fat in the first place, healing from my past, and evolving as a woman. I ended up: discovering who I am, realizing my self worth, learning to love and respect myself, respecting my body and treating it like a temple, learning to say no to situations and people(boundaries), gaining self control, standing up for myself-my beliefs, values, and morals, ridding stressors and toxicity from my life, learning coping mechanisms, kicked my food and gum addiction once and for all, dealt with my issues and got rid of the baggage associated with them. I realized how strong and capable I actually am of accomplishing anything I want!


October 8th, 2018


Coach cole robinson @snake_diet_wizard
Age 30
Height 5 ft 7 inches
Starting Weight 82.8kg/ 182 pounds
Current weight 73.9kg/ 162 pounds
Goals stop fuckin eating and get lean!
Did a 6 day dry fast with the help of cole Robinson and the snake diet for overall health benefits and sugar addiction issues. Since the 6 days i never felt better in life and have since then continued with a one day on one day off fast to keep it off and continue to keep the results. Thanks for your support and i encourage others out there to give it. Go.


October 14th, 2018


Start Weight: 123 lbs
Current Weight: 114 lbs
Height: 5 ft 3 in

After yo-yo dieting for a lifetime and bouncing between feeling ok with myself or feeling like a skinny-fat marshmallow with no muscle or definition, I started following a keto diet and came across one of Cole’s videos in a keto FB group.
What he said made so much sense to me in terms of the massive health benefits that come along with weight loss through extended fasting.
I reached out immediately and was lucky enough to get him to agree to coach me personally.
In my first week on the Snake Diet I’ve lost 9lbs and the inflammation in my legs has reduced loads. Before this, I’ve never posted leg pics!! My start weight was 123 lbs and my current weight is now 114 lbs. Next step… build some muscle! The real work starts now!
Due to Cole’s support and more importantly, constant education, I finally understand how to achieve the body that I want and I’ve never felt more motivated. I strongly believe that everyone needs to hear Cole’s message and I hope that it can help others to improve their health and confidence as it has for me.


September 29th, 2018

Snake Diet Coach: @snake_diet_maaz
Starting Weight: 166 lbs
Current Weight: 143 lbs
Goal Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5”1
Age: 41 years
My name is Rachael. I’ve always been overweight with health problems that escalated as I aged.
At 41 years old I finally exceeded my 9 month pregnancy weight so I became desperate and decided to get serious about my health.
I reached out to Maaz Khan to guide me through the Snakediet process.
Guide is a weak word for what Maaz had in store though. It was simple, but at times not easy.
I lost 23lbs in 6 weeks, although most of what I lost was in the first few weeks before my two small re-feeds.
My whole family has made huge health and positive life changes in the short time I’ve followed this lifestyle.
Many of my health issues have disappeared. I aim to fast and heal myself completely using the remaining weight I have left to lose


October 29th, 2018

Coach: Maaz Khan(@snake_diet_maaz)

SW: 129 lbs
CW and GW: 105 lbs
Age: 61 years

My name is Debbie. My friend had some amazing results with the Snake Diet, and I have a health issue that has been with me for many years, and I haven’t been able to shake it. I also had some knowledge of fasting and knew that it had benefits both physically, mentally and spiritually. Then I found out about autophagy and was amazed and gratified because, something I’ve sensed might be true actually is, and Cole and others have really proven it – our body’s innate capacity to heal. I began with 48 and 72 hour water and super snake juice fasts and have mainly been doing that during the week with refeeds on the weekends. The weight slowly fell off, and I became amazed at my body’s resilience and, in fact, how good I was feeling with no food. I will probably never eat 3 meals a day again in my life. I want to adopt a fasting-focused lifestyle. Friends have seen the results and asked about it. My skin, energy, bowel movements, hair, teeth and all have benefited from this, plus one can see a nature in us that just wants to feed itself at our body’s expense. That’s the best lesson of all.


September 19th, 2018

SW: 160lb (mid Jul)
CW: 123 lb (start of Sep)

Hi there,
I first became interested in the snake diet around July and reached out to Shameen through Facebook. I weighed 160 pounds at the end of July and by beginning of September I was around 123. I lost 37 pounds in 5 weeks! I did one 17 day fast, two 7 day fasts and a few 72s. I had some issues towards the end which involved nausea and just feeling weak. I tend to be pretty extreme kinda of girl so it’s really important to listen to your body. The nausea subsided once I started eating. Right now I am on omad and I also do a 48 hour fast once a week. I am able to maintain my weight with this routine. Shameen has been a wonderful support throughout and has been awesome and a wonderful coach. Also thanks to Maaz for initially helping me out as well and to Cole for his feedback through out my journey😊


September 15th, 2018

83lbs lost in 17 weeks.
23lbs lost in 10 days.
Starting weight: 297lbs
Current weight: 214lbs
My name is Mike. I just finished a 10 day Snake Juice fast which I lost 23lbs
I have been living this fasting focused lifestyle for 17 weeks now and have lost a total of 83lbs.
I have healed my body of psoriasis, acid reflux, I.S.T. – heart condition. Have been off all meds for weeks now with absolutely NO symptoms. My daily energy is thru the roof!! My family says I’m a totally changed person, from my appearance to my attitude. Fasting is the only way to lose weight and keep it off forever!! Fasting is the only way to truly heal your body. Stop making excuses and start fasting, change your life for the better.


September 13th, 2018

Coach: Maaz Khan @snake_diet_maaz
Height: 5’7”
Starting Weight: 155 lbs
Current weight: 128 lbs
Goal weight: 120 lbs & tone up

So my weight loss journey has been crazy LONG. After having 4 babies, my weight had gotten out of hand, and I really struggled with emotional and stress-induced eating. I had finally had enough and did not want to get any heavier! I wanted to get back to a healthy weight. And to be able to fit into smaller clothes and feel good about myself again!
My journey started in the beginning of 2017, a year after having my 4th child. I changed my diet to Paleo/Keto, which really did help. Lost my first 30 lbs by cutting out grains and sugar. But I was not satisfied with how long it took me to lose the first 30lbs. It took me close to 6 months to lose 30 lbs, but I’ve lost close to 30 lbs the past month that I’ve been Snake Juice Fasting with my coach!! So after being introduced to intermittent fasting through Keto and it taking FOREVER to shed the weight, I started researching longer fasts for weight-loss. Then I discovered Cole and the Snake Diet on YouTube! I truly believe that this was exactly what I needed for faster weight loss and it kept me motivated to see the scale numbers go down as well as my clothes falling off of me! When I first started experimenting with SJ fasts, I had a hard time sticking with it for long periods, and I think part of the reason was not having someone coach me and hold me accountable. Enter my wonderful coach Maaz! The process has still been up and down, but since he started coaching me, I have lost about 25lbs and am so close to my goal!

I look back at these photos and want to scream 😱 It’s taken me a while to feel good about myself again, and I never plan to go back to my unhealthy body.

Thank you Cole, Maaz and all the other coaches for helping others reach their health goals ❤️


September 13th, 2018

HW 134 lbs
SW 130
CW 120
GW Lean, Clean, and Confident!

My name is Kim and I’m 26 years old. Cole and this group are LITERALLY the answer to one of my BIGGEST prayers! I fasted away 10 lbs in only a week on the Snake Diet!I of course got fat after I got clean from 7 years of using meth and heroin (3 years ago). Since then I’ve been trying to get healthy, happy and strong. I joined a gym and was vegan all last year but any improvement is VERY short-lived! In August 2018 I decided to FAST to hear from and draw strength from God and BEHOLD I stumbled upon this Snake Diet Page. I watched the YouTube’s nonstop, got ketostix, did my first 48 which turned into a 96 and the rest is history! This is the most effective path to health I’ve ever been on in my life!


June 15th, 2018
My name is Marcus. I had a strong addiction to food, yo yo dieted around 215 to 205 I was nervous to start the longer fasts with the snake diet so I started out fasting and eating once a day March 1st, I realized it was very easy to adapt so I did several 72 hour fasts with a decent meal in between, the final photo was after a 72 hour fast on May 1st, only took me 2 months to get from 205 to 165 and have been able to maintain since then with fasting and just doing one meal a day, I’m lean enough now to fast 24 hours and eat once a day. I have been able to keep the weight off for over a month now with no issues!


September 22ND, 2018

Coach: Michelene Adamo
Start date: August 1st, 2018
Height: 5’2”
SW: 150.4
GW1: 130 ✅
GW2: 120

My name is Romina. I lost 20lbs in 46 days! Once you start fasting your life truly changes! I love the fact that I can be more productive, less bloated, extremely confident and happy. I can’t even count the amount of people complimenting my looks as of lately! had to give away ALL of my pants and get new ones because they were so big. Whoever is still on the side looking at everyone looking and feeling their best, START FASTING! The Snake Diet is the real deal!!!!! I don’t think I could ever have more than one meal a day EVER AGAIN 😂😂😂 My #1 advice: GET A FREAKING COACH! I had no idea how much of a difference it could make until I asked Michelene for coaching. She has been incredible. So supportive and overall wonderful!
I got all the info and tools that I needed to do this optimally. Every day I’m learning more and more.
Advice #2: have a goal weight in mind! Not having a specific number may cause you to not be as committed. “Ripped” is not a goal weight! Of course we want to get there… BUT: where do you want to start?
Currently dry fasting, would like to start refeeding on raw eggs 🥚
Thank you Cole for your constant dedication and teaching all of us how nutrition is supposed to be, the REAL right way!
And thank you Michelene for your support and amazing coaching! Make sure to subscribe to Snake Diet Michelene , her content has been great and she deserves all of our support! ♥️♥️


September 5th, 2018

Coach: Michelene Adamo
My name is Cassidy. Here is an update on what I’ve been doing for the last 10 days with my amazing coach, I’m losing 14 lb over here! I had 24 lb to go when I started with Michelene, and I have 10 freaking pounds left! Working with a coach has been completely game-changing for me! I have one word for you. Refeeds! You don’t need to eat keto! You don’t need the fat! You have the fat on your body!

Now to get rid of the last 10 lb and get to my goal of 140!

Thank you for everything that you do Cole Robinson Robinson Cole and Michelene!!! Your guidance and passion ia life changing.


September 2nd, 2018

Height: 5’7″
HW: 241 (2009)
SJ SW: 178
CW: 143
GW: 130-135 Ripped!

Snake Diet progress from June 10th to August 29th. 35 pounds lost and all health issues have cleared entirely.
My name is Megan. Started the snake Diet because of health issues–candida overgrowth (ie seriously screwed up gut) that presented in all sorts of nasty ways. Athletes foot in November, toenail fungus, intense PMS, mood swings, exhaustion, excess hair loss, sugar addiction, anxiety, dummy brain/fog headed, bloating, dry itchy patches around my nose, itchy under arm rash, itchy face rash, and a stye/chalazion. Sure I was fat, but until then I hadn’t been sick like that!
I felt helpless. Hopeless. Lost without direction or any idea what to do about my health.

My research into my symptoms, causes, and “cures”/healing remedies led me to the Cole Robinson and the Snake Diet. After watching a butt load of his content I started fasting.
Within five days of fasting on snake juice, everything cleared up. Everything. I felt amazing!

I was on point until the end of July until I got deep into my head with some bullshit–the weight dropped so damn fast that I felt like I kind of lost my sense of self for a bit. I recognized that I was identifying as the fat and unhealthy self that I had been and I’m ready to shed that skin and be the best version of me that I can be.
I let other people’s words into my head. “Scrawny. Melting away. Too skinny.” I let them in. That won’t happen again. They dont have the right and I won’t give them that power.

Been doing the damn thing at about 90%. Messing up refeeds and not being consistent with workouts. Finding excuses for myself when I know better. Self betrayal.
I’m done with all of that… I’m done with anything less than 100%. I feel and think and exist as a better human when I’m on point with this.

Thank you, Cole Robinson, for being a fearless warrior.


September 1st, 2018

Starting Weight: 222 on June 2, 2018
Goal Weight: 180
Current Weight: 180.2 on August 30, 2018
Starting Waist size: 36”
Current Waist size: 31”
Current Body fat: 12%
Height: 6’2”

I finally reached my goal of losing 42 pounds!
In the last decade, I have lived a very active lifestyle. I mostly lift weights, run competitively (10k is my favorite run), and do sprint triathlons. I believed that because I did these things, I could eat whatever I wanted. I slowly watched the weight creep up as I guzzled down sucralose-laden protein shakes and protein bars. After hitting a high weight of 222, I decided that I needed to do something. Luckily, I found the snake diet motivation group and saw the results that people were getting and took action.
I recommend getting a nice Bluetooth scale that shows your body analytics. I purchased the Abyon scale on Amazon, which comes with the Feelfit app. Seeing your body weight, water weight, BMI, and metabolic age change in the right direction provides such powerful motivation to push through hard fasts – and also lets you know when a dry fast should be done. This was a very helpful tool for me on my fitness journey and only cost $25.
My plan now is to keep my weight in the 175-185 range, which was my weight range at high school graduation. I plan on continuing a fasted-focused lifestyle – doing mostly 24’s, with a few 16/8s when I have a good workout. I’m very proud of myself for staying committed to this and beating my caffeine, sugar, and food addiction! Losing weight and feeling fit does wonders for a person’s outlook on life – Thank you Robinson Cole for all that you do, the results are real!


August 25th, 2018

Many of you have stopped me and asked me what I have been doing lately to get such fabulous results. Here it is my story.
Most of you know that I have struggled for years with my diabetes. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 18 years now. When I finally started to get my blood sugars under control about 3 years ago I began to gain weight.
Since then I have tried many different things to maintain the blood sugars while loosing the weight. Keto…low carb…exercise…detoxing…juicing… You name it I tried it for several years.
In May I met a friend who shared with me this fasting program known as The Snake diet. I decided to do my research and learn all about it. Thank you Roy Perez for introducing me to it.
In June I decided to go all in an commit to giving this a shot. In the first picture I was at state meetings in May and was weighing about 185. June 10 I started the snake diet and fasted for 48/72/and 5 days. After I lost the initial 20 lbs Robinson Cole took me on and began coaching me since I had sought out his advise in regards to the diabetes aspects.
My insulin pump is still attached to me but it no longer is giving me a steady drip of insulin. Instead if my blood sugar begins to rise I simply take a small bolus. I have cut my insulin intake by half and the amount of time it takes my blood sugar to increase is getting longer everyday all while taking less insulin daily too.
Today I am happy to report that my kidney function has also increased from 75% to 97% in about 2 months. I have lost 4-6 inches in many places and the scale now is at 153.
I have incredible amounts of energy, sleep better, and so many other benefits.
While I still have more to loose I am happy where I am at. My ultimate goal is to see if I can kick start my pancreases again and have it produce insulin once more so I no longer need the pump.
Thank you everyone who has stopped me and commented to me on my progress. I am grateful for each of you.
If you want more information listen to the Snake Juice videos. Or joint the group. It’s so helpful. Thank you Cole and Roy I appreciate you both.


August 22nd, 2018

Maaz Khan @snake_diet_maaz
Cole Robinson @snake_diet_wizard
Weight in photo – 235
CW – 230
GW – 170 aka ripped like a mothafuka!

This is my transformation, over 100lb lost, can’t say I am very happy, I am just grateful for how far I have came.

Do I feel like a fucking Don, you’re God damn right I do, did I ever think I could lose a 100lb no.

This post is for the benefit of you people to show you that being fat is never a forever thing.

Ice-cold baths – 20min duration weekly, to aid fat loss and depression.
Daily boron 3mg – I do fucking sprints with weight strapped to me, who needs surgery ay?

Continuing with OMAD with tight eating window.
Throwing a few 48 sj fast in the mix.

Keep moving forward, only looking back to see how far you’ve come.


August 19th, 2018

Coach: @Michelene Adamo

SW: 199
CW: 179
Height: 5’7”

I HAVE LOST 20 LBS IN 13 DAYS!!!!! Thanks to Cole Robinson & my awesome coach Michelene Adamo. I could not ask for a better coach. I am determined to lose 40 pounds this month. I have been on a strict regimen of 72’s, small refeed & repeat. First 48 are SJ, last 24 are dry. This week I did 48 SJ & did 48 dry. Small refeed & repeat!
I feel more & more confident the more I fast & smart refeed. My appetite is almost zero now.
I have made massive self improvements including stop biting my nails & relearn to listen to my body as well as telling myself “no” to unhealthy foods. I have also found I retain a lot of water on my long workdays.
Can’t wait for my next accountability post in 2 weeks to show my next 20 lb loss.
If I can do it….anyone can! Just get some support from a coach & keep your goals in the front of your mind! It truly does get easier the more you do it.


August 19th, 2018

Sw: 192
Cw: 167.8
Gw: 145
Snake coach: Michelene Adamo @micheleneadamo
Hey guys! 14 days into snake dieting and I’ve lost 24lbs !! For anyone who’s looking to get started check out Michelene’s YouTube channel it’s jam packed with information and includes workouts. Don’t be afraid to reach out to coaches if you don’t know where to begin they are there to change your life if you are willing and I couldn’t be more grateful for mine!
A short back story on myself : I’m a single mom raising two boys on a single income. Since I’ve begin snake dieting and limited my eating I’ve been able to buy all organic all antibiotic free without hesitation! In changing my life style my boys are reaping the benefits of eating cleaner 😊. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do with fasting. I was espresso dependant but I’ve had more energy than ever and I’ve been working out ! Today I will be finishing up a 120hr mainly dry fast. I can’t wait to get rid of these last 23lbs!!!


August 18th, 2018

Shout out to my #snakedietcoach Maaz Khan @snake_diet_maaz
54 yrs. old
Height 5’10”

Starting weight: 190
Current weight: 178 lbs.
GW: Big & Ripped

I dove right in with a 10 day snake juice fast and made some great progress. Then stalled a bit… So I got some direction and encouragement from @Maaz Khan to incorporate some dry fasting which just accelerated the progress. I like where I am right now, but looking forward to getting more ripped and muscular with Maaz’s help.
I can’t forget to mention a huge thank you to Cole Robinson for bringing this to the world.


October 5th, 2018

My name is Larry(@lawrencemalcheff ). I went from 400 lbs in January 2018 —YES THAT’S RIGHT 2018–to 240 lbs this morning, the Snake Diet combined with strength training and high intensity interval training has turned my life around! I used to eat recklessly because I had no hope. I was tired of hearing about how I should lose weight slowly, how its healthier to lose a lb a week. Well how about losing 1 lb PER DAY for 6 months in a row while at the same time FINALLY learning about ketosis, your metabolism and how to ramp up your metabolism to nuclear? And how about developing self discipline through a fasting-focused lifestyle so when you do begin to eat more frequently you will know HOW to FINALLY feed your body PRECISELY, and WHEN YOU DO EAT, how about really enjoying satisfying meals that barely put 3 lbs on your frame so you can get right back to fasting like a champ? That’s why I am smiling… not because I had to buy new clothes and all the other cool stuff that comes with losing a WHOLE PERSON, I am smiling because Cole showed me where the water was, brought me to it, I took a sip, and I decided to get busy guzzling it down! Thanks Cole!


August 28th, 2018

Start weight: 286 lbs
Current Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 46

My name is Beau. I have lost 116 lbs following a Snake Diet fasting focused lifestyle. Cole’s videos and seeing so many Snake Dieters take control of their lives has been a huge part in helping me achieve my goals. When I began this journey I suffered from chronic renal disease, glomerulosclerosis, only 1 kidney on top of that, borderline Type 2 diabetes, a right leg riddled w blood clots, a permanent IVC filter, knee issues, shoulder pain, back pain, high blood pressures, high triglycerides, cholesterol values out of whack, and a state of general metabolic shit showism. Besides the genetic kidney issue, every ailment has reversed. I hope this inspires a few people to not give up. If an obese, beer drinking , 46 year old slob like me with a grocery list of major health issues can turn his life around, anyone can.


September 11th, 2018

Sd sw: 181
Cw: 153
Gw: 130

My name is Tiff. I started the snake diet not to lose weight but to fix my sciatic nerve issues, after giving birth to my 3rd baby my entire leg and foot went numb and I could barely walk for weeks on end, that’s when I stumbled across Cole and decided to try it to see if it would help with the inflammation – low and behold within a week the feeling had returned (after being told it might never come back) and I was back to normal!! It’s been around 5 months between the photos – I fell off the wagon stupidly for quite a while, my baby wasn’t sleeping & I was a mess, and actually that’s not even an excuse but that’s the real reason. In the past 15 days I’ve gone from 167 to 153, so that right there just shows how quick I could of lost this, had I not given in. I mostly did 3-5 day fasts but my current is 30 days, refeed and back to 5 day fasts until I hit my ultimate goal. I’ve got this and I’m not giving up. Thank you Cole.


June 15th, 2018
I am 5’6.5” and started the Snake Diet on Mar 25’18 at 133.5 lbs. On Jun 15’18, I am a lean and strong 118 lbs and have officially lost 15.5 lbs, forever! I started my journey reaching out to Cole to cure some health problems. These last couple months I have done multiple snake juice and dry fasting routines, including a 5 day hard dry fast. I don’t know if my health problems have been cured, yet, but I stopped taking prescription meds when I started fasting and I haven’t had any problems since. I will be getting testing in a couple months and will update you then. BUT, during these last few months I have been able to shave of 15.5 real pounds off of my body! After losing a fast 10 pounds at the start, I started daily 22 hour dry fasts paired with one meal a day and daily full body compound weight exercises. My strength over these last two months has been consistently increasing and I am not using any supplements or eating crazy amounts of protein for my strength gains. Through fasting I have become more calm, disciplined, confident and focused in my day to day activities. I don’t miss coffee or cigarettes, I haven’t taken any medication in months, and my body feels the best it has ever been in my life. When I eat, I eat whole, real and organic (when possible) food. When I go to events and eat/drink more than I should, I know how to get my body back to where it was before I went overboard. Living a fasting focused lifestyle has truly changed my life. I will never ever go back to eating multiple meals a day. I am deeply grateful that I discovered Cole because my life has changed in more ways than you know and I will continue to support him and the Snake Diet for the rest of my life… what are you waiting for?


June 14th, 2018

Starting weight: 87 kg (192 lb) 7th April
Finishing weight : 68 kg (150 lb) 13th June

So, 67 days of doing the snake diet.
At 102 kg (225 lb), I started doing a mainstream diet called the Every Other Day Diet after my older brother lost a considerable amount of weight over about an 18 month period.

However, after 7 weeks and 15 kg (33 lb) of weight loss, my progress had became quite slow. Frustrated, I began seeking other more aggressive methods.

I discovered the Snake Diet from a friend who casually mentioned drinking “snake juice” on FB. Did a search on YouTube and FB and saw other people’s results.
Since we had a trip to Fiji coming up, at 87 kg (192 lb) I decided to switch to the Snake Diet to speed things up.

And I haven’t looked back.

My snoring has stopped.
So has my sleep apnea.
I used to suffer from chronic acid reflux and was on a permanent prescription of omeprazole. But not any more. I don’t need it.
My skin has improved – less acne, oil and significantly reduced pore size.

My family have been amazingly supportive and they’ve noticed my improved patience levels.
I have way more energy now and I cook almost all the meals for the family even when I’m fasting.

Food doesn’t have a hold on me any more.
My body tells me what it needs really clearly.
It’s like a total reset.

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